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Yummy Cheese Tea is Entering the USA after Taking Over the China


Cheese Tea is one of the prominent drink that is winning the lines of thirsty city dwellers across the world. The yummy drink with cheese on the top emerged from the streets of Taiwan and now making its way to the Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, the UK, South Korea and the United States of America.


There are many different ways to make this delicious cheese tea. But if you want to enjoy original recipe then you must have powered cheese. According to the CEO of HeyTea, Nie Yunchen,

‘Delicious Tea has a very long and old history in China, but bitterness at the start when people it is off-putting for some younger people. That’s why we want to add some new and yummy flavors that young people would like’.

HeyTea has used cheese from New Zealand instead of using powdered cheese in 2012 when they start their business with a 300-square-foot shop in Southern part of China. The usage of more cheese makes the taste even better than before. So they succeeded in the plan because younger crowd have tried this and loved it. Therefore, it is still best beverage.


So in this context, HeyTea and then Royal Tea has grown more than 69 stores in China and every brand is selling more than 3000 cups in a single day. After their brilliant success in China, now they are making their ways in the United States. As they established Happy Lemon in New York while Little Fluffy in California. According to reports, they are also thinking to enter in the United Kingdom as well.


So if you have not tasted this tea yet then you must have to taste for a single time. So according to founder of Little Fluffy Head, Jenny Zheng,

‘It is not just a cheese and tea. You have a taste of tea at the bottom while top it off with cheese cream. So it is like nothing you have had before’. There is no significant way to taste this cheese but according to an apparent consensus that you must try the cheese and tea at the same time. You will be the fan of Cheese Tea if you will try this for a single time.