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It is Wonderful to See Former Pinoy Street Kid Became a Porsche Owner


Here meet with the Fernando Kuehnel, is now living his American dream in the Sunshine State. Beautiful home, new cars, and a loving family did not come easy for Kuehnel. He starts from pushing a cart as an orphan to driving a Porsche Carrera car in his Dania Beach, Florida home, as it took him, three parents, to weather the wickedest storms of his life.

He, at the age of just 6, his biological parents left him and his two brothers in the streets of Project 8, Quezon City for unknown reasons to Fernando until this day. He said they found all of us in the street. Then they brought us to the orphanage. He said, I remember carrying couple bags, we were crying you know.


After leaving the first orphanage, they started living in a second orphanage, Nayong Kabataan, it was not easy as well. He and his siblings were intimidated. At the age of just 10, he run-away from the orphanage, he pushed a cart and ate trash food to survive the streets of Manila only to come back to the orphanage. And at 13 when he found out that his brothers had a one-way ticket out of poverty and into America.


He said they were gonna be adopted, just the two of them and one of kid ran away from the orphanage looked for me. They said your brothers have to go and get adopted, so better go back, so he went back. He thinks that I’m not stupid, right? I came back,” he said. After that their second parents brought them back to an orphan house. And then, the Kuehnel came, accepted them, pickled them like their own, and put the boys to public school.

Fernando as a child even took an hour bus ride just to attend an ESL class in Greenbay, Wisconsin to learn English. Due to his hard work, he graduated with a bachelor of nursing and a summa cum laude in business administration in healthcare. He got the fruit of his hard work and now he is comfortable leaving in a beautiful home at Dania Beach. He is also the owner of a Porsche Carrera.


He further said in his book ‘My Third Parents’ that