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Wireless Earbuds of New iPhone Emit Radiations… Right Next to Your Brain


It was much-excited news for all the lovers of iPhone when the company announced that new iPhone will come with the wireless earbuds. The wireless AirPods or earbuds was the first step towards the wireless technology, said by CEO Tim Cook.

But medical experts have warned about the danger of these AirPods. As they cause fire dangerous and cancer-causing radiation directly in the brain of a person. The iPhone will communicate with this devices via Bluetooth directly with right AirPod and this will separate send Bluetooth signals to the left earbud. So this means that radiation carrying the signals will pass directly through the brain of a user.


As it is announced by the Apple that all these Bluetooth devices emit radio frequency radiation according to rules and guidelines set by the Federal Communications Commission. But this was neglected by the Joel Moskowitz, according to him, more than 200 scientists have studied the effects of electromagnetic fields on the body of a person. They have criticized the guidelines of FCC as far too lenient.


He further explained that we are playing with the fire because you are putting a microwave-emitting device next to your brain. According to scientists, radio frequency radiation does not have enough energy to damage DNA as compared to the high-energy radiation just like X-rays. Moskowitz also explained that this Bluetooth is harmful, therefore you must forget to use this. He said that we don’t have any knowledge how to handle these radiations.


It is asked by the authorities of a company that RFR leads directly to the health harm. RFR has been shown to degrade the vessels of blood. That’s why the Moskowitz asked to use the hands-free as compared to earbuds. But even without Bluetooth, any cell phone use is dangerous. Cell phones also operate using RFR signals, as do smart meters and wireless internet. So the weight of the evidence is clear and cell phone causes brain cancer.