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Watch The Most Beautiful House Made of Shipping Containers, The Interior is as Much Beautiful as Exterior


Do you ever see such a nice house made of containers? If no, then we will tell you about home like this. As Living in a shipping container in the middle of the desert might not sound like everybody’s idea of fun, but wait until you see this stunning creation by London-based designer James Whitaker.

The incredible 200-square meter house, which includes a kitchen, a living room, and three en-suite bedrooms, is made from several conjoined shipping containers set at various different angles, creating the illusion of a flower blooming in the desert or a structure more akin to another world entirely. It was designed for an unnamed film producer who has a passion for nurturing creative projects, and as you can see, it doesn’t get much more creative this! The beautiful home is called as The Joshua Tree Residence. The house builds on a large area of 90 acres in California, the construction of the house scheduled to start next year and once the construction is finished, the residents will be solar powered from panels on the roofs of the garage.

So here we have some breathtaking pictures of beautiful container house.

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