The United States Marines Has Now Their First Female Infantry Officer


The first female Marine officer made history on Monday by becoming the first ever woman to graduate from United States Marine Corps demanding Infantry Officer Course. The female lieutenant has kept her identity secret, she has successfully completed 13-week corps training in Quantico, Virginia. She became the first ever lady to be an Infantry Officer.

Robert Neller said in a press release that ‘I am proud of this lady officer and all those in her class who have earned proudly the infantry officer MOS. In this context, she will be assigned to the 1st Marine Division in Camp Pendleton, Calif. This course is considered as the toughest because designed to train a potential officer in infantry skills, leadership and all characters required to serve as the commander of an infantry platoon. According to the reports, more than 10 % of students on the first day of the course.

The lady officer has graduated with 87 other members and be the first female to complete this course. Keep in mind that she is not the first to have attempted it. According to Marines, a total of 32 women have enrolled in this program between 2012 and 2015. Four other females, including this recent graduate, have attempted the course since the Pentagon has opened all types of combat roles for the women since December 2015.


So the Marines has recently been pushing to recruit more women to its rank, but as we look at the history it has been reluctant to welcome women. But the Corps publically opposed opening all kinds of combat roles to the female officers. Earlier in this running year, the Corps was rocked by revelations that the former and current Marines circulated nude photos of female members online without any permission.

Therefore, Robert Neller has asked all the females service members and Marines to trust in their leadership to take legal actions and solve this problem.