South Florida’s Millionaire Marc Bell Welcomes 70 Hurricane Irma Unsettled Foster Kids to His House of $30 Million


South Florida was struck very hard by the intense wrath of Hurricane-Irma. With the result of this disaster, trees of palm toppled, boats tossed onto land and roofs shredded. People are living there without power while business was also shuttered. As a result, all residents are left to swelter under the tropical sun as they are waiting for aid.

Many people came there for the help of these affected people. Marc Bell, a millionaire from South Florida has opened the doors of his gigantic $30 million house (Boca Raton mansion) to more than 70 foster kids. These kids have no place to live after Hurricane Irma pummeled the area.


Marc Bell wrote in a Facebook post that, they got a phone call on Monday that the Sheriff has thrown more than 70 children from their shelter because they have lost power. The Mr. Bell got a phone call from the foster care organization asking for help for these kids. So without thinking twice, Mr. Bell and his Wife, Jennifer, Agreed to take these children into their beautiful home.


The friends and family members of Bell rallied to ensure that the chaperones and children were relaxed and well accommodated in the home. Bell also wrote that ‘We served foster kids for 72 hours, entertained lovely kids who had no home, also arranged for medical care and got an abundance of love in return.

All the foster kids stayed in the house until the power was restored at their homes. For this, Mr. Bell also created a GoFundMe campaign to help to raise more fund for foster community and they have collected more than $50,000 in the result of this campaign. The foster community also reached out to the South Florida for more donation to support more than 100 kids in a program in the wake of Irma.


SOS said in the press that ‘Our children need more than your help’. The donations would go towards therapy and food for the program’s kids affected by the Hurricane Irma.