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Mind-Blowing Parrot Costumes for Halloween 2017


Halloween is less than two months away! Have your kids picked their costumes yet?  I am Crystal, from Stitched by Crystal, and today I am sharing how to sew an easy parrot costume that would work for boys or girls of any age!

3 I love Halloween and I especially love Halloween sewing!  Sewing costumes, you can really let your imagination go crazy and create something over the top, sometimes the crazier the better!  My kids are slowly narrowing down their costume ideas for this Halloween, but in the meantime, I am bulking up their dress up box with some quick and easy costumes that would be great for Halloween, but are also fun for any day dress up play.


For this easy parrot costume, I took some inspiration from the adorable flamingo costume Ashley made last year.  Seriously, that flamingo hat is too cute!  Using the same hat template, I created a parrot version and made up some fun bird wings and a tail to pair with it.


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