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The Prestigious and Stunning Time-lapse of a 30-day on Cargo Ship Take you to a Maritime Journey in 10 Minutes


Jeffrey Tsang is one of the prominent sailors, YouTube vlogger, and photographers. On his new trip, he used to sail in a container ship that travels all around the world. So on his way, in his latest time-lapse he has shown some majestic facts about his journey in the sea. Moreover, he covers 30 days of sailing into just 10 minutes of video. According to views, these are instead the most awe-inspiring ten minutes on social media and YouTube.


So what he has shown in the time-lapse? He has shown some wonderful and inspiring sights, from horrible thunderstorms on an open sea to moonlit night skies. He has done this in the course of 30 days and time-lapse is a combination of more than 80,000 images. He has started his journey from the Red Sea and ended in beautiful Hong Kong.

The photographer, Jeffrey Tsang used best Nikon D750 which was paired with Rokinon 12mm f/2.8 to shoot this time-lapse. To shoot this video, he places his camera on the deck of the ship and covered his whole journey. So when he was on his work, one of the members from crew set the exposure for him. Therefore, it is much interesting to know that video has covered and captured some many beautiful phenomena such as interesting cloud formations, thunderstorms, sunsets and sunrises, and much more. Despite this, he also covered cargo operations in ports as well as busy maritime traffic.


So, if you have 10 minutes, then we recommend you to watch this video full of interest, inspiration, and thrill.