Genius or Stupid

Man Boards Flight Wearing ALL of His Clothes to Avoid $65 Extra Baggage Fee



When many people would agree that luggage fees is one of several of air travel hassle, more or lower grudgingly pack pay fees. Welsh, though, came up with a smart solution, but maybe not comfortable to carry everything you need without having pony rides extra money.

Not wanting to pay the $65 to check in his extra bag on his March 26 EasyJet flight to Reykjavik, Matt Botten emptied the bag and began layering on all of its contents on himself in a restaurant at Gatwick Airport, reported Crawley News.

The 32-year-old from Cardiff then made his way to his flight wearing several T-shirts, hoodies, pants, a scarf, gloves, and an extra pair of shoes in his pockets. Botten, feeling overheated from all of the extra clothes he was wearing, was interviewed at length by security staff but was eventually let through along with his girlfriend, Abigail White, 31, who he was traveling with.

“You’d probably think it would be massively difficult to get all this on – and you’d be entirely correct,” Botten told Crawley News.

“I upset three tables’ worth of people in Gatwick Wetherspoons donning this get-up, one of which, resultantly, had a crying child on. Like all great endeavours though, you’re always going to get some collateral damage.”

In a post about his experience he shared on his Facebook page, Botten wrote:

“We’re going to Iceland baby! And how to do it in a financially frugal manner, without having to stump up forty five bloody quid for a hold bag? Simply by wearing EVERYTHING I OWN.

“The massively padded, multi-layered, vest-wearing get-up may have necessitated an extra thirty minutes of questions at security, but at £45 a bag, I’ve effectively just worked a half hour shift at £90 an hour. Winning the game.”

This isn’t the first time an air traveler has pulled such a stunt to avoid baggage fees. In July of last year, 19-year-old James McElvar, a singer in the boyband Rewind, put on nearly 12 layers’ worth of his clothing to avoid paying a $65 check-in baggage fee. He ended up passing out from heat exhaustion but was treated by an off-duty paramedic.