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Just Watch The Most Talented Pro Photographer Without Legs and Hands, His Marvelous Pictures Speaks for Themselves


You will a lot of courage if you looked at Indonesian photographer Achmad Zulkarnain’s work before looking at him. As you would never guess that he has to use his mouth to turn a camera on. The 24-year-old shutterbug and professional photographer was born without hands and legs, but with a resourceful and zealous spirit.

As we look at the Zulkarnain, he lacks fingers but practices his own unique form the dexterity by using his mouth, face and the extra skin on his arms to operate the professional camera. He has captured shots for many people including beautiful models wearing traditional clothing to marvelous nature scenes. After that, he fires them onto his laptop and proceeds these pictures to retouch them. So in this context, he has set up his own company, DZOEL, to help him manage the influx of business he is receiving from his local area.

Here Is The Achmad Zulkarnain, A Professional Photographer From Indonesia With A Unique Set Of Challenges


The 24-year-old Shutterbug Was Born Without Hands And Legs, but That Didn’t Stop Him From Following His Passion


He Lacks Fingers But Manages To Operate A Camera Using His Face, Mouth, And Extra Skin On His Arms

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He Even Uses A Laptop To Edit And Retouch All Of His Photos Once A Day’s Work Is Don


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 “I Don’t Want People To See My Pictures And Think Of Who I Am – I Just Want Them To See My Creativity”