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iPhone X Specifications

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We are just on the spot of new iPhone X launch because Apple is ready to launch its new iPhone. Read full details about the release date and announcements of new iPhone release. We are that three iPhone from Apple will release on Tuesday.

Apple’s iPhone 8 may not be what you expect to be. As within a day, we may all talk about the iPhone X, the presumptive chart-topping handset in Apple’s mobile lineup. And thanks to firmware leaks, the world may even be privy to iPhone X specs and features.

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One of the important and biggest question in the minds of people is that what will be the name of new iPhone. First of all, it was iPhone 8, then iPhone Pro then again changed to iPhone 8 and then iPhone Edition. But we heard that all these rumors are appeared to be wrong because, in the evidence reference of iOS 11, Apple new iPhone will actually be called as iPhone X.

Rumors said that Apple will release iPhone X alongside iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. But iPhone X will be the more special edition model from the company.

iPhone 8 Specification, Reviews & Rumors


New iPhone X comes in three different beautiful colors. These colors including black, silver and coppery blush gold. But the front of the phone will be same in all three colors which will be in black color.



Reliable reports say iPhone X will be Apple’s first OLED iPhone, meaning that each pixel directly produces light rather than being backlit like an LCD display. As we’ve seen in Android phones from Samsung, Google, and others, OLED colors are more vibrant with deeper blacks, greater brightness, and superb contrast. In case you’ve never seen a Galaxy phone, you can see the benefits of OLED on the Apple Watch screen. There are a lot of benefits battery with OLED screen. Black pixels will not produce any light, therefore, the phone will conserve energy by using dark colors. But these screens need a lot of time to produce and Apple needs a lot.

virtual button

Touch ID

According to rumors, the company will be dumping Touch ID in the upcoming iPhone X. The Touch ID is also called as Facial Recognition id.

This is a new wonderful feature in the new iPhone X. It is a biometric system used to unlock mobile. They have also used the new 3d camera for secure and accurate scanning.


Virtual Home Button

The new iPhone X should feature a new navigation system, so there will be a learning curve. Instead of tapping the home button to get back to the home screen, apple has confirmed that there will a new navigation bar on the bottom of the iPhone screen. Pulling up from the button of the screen will now bring you back to the home screen, and a longer pull will bring up the new app switcher-Control Center combo. So in short words, Apple has removed the home button and added a new Virtual Home Button for new iPhone X.



Let’s talk about the camera, it is believed that Apple will carry over the dual-lens camera from iPhone 7 Plus. But this rumor is not clear to be available for these models or not. The front camera will use a revolutionary front camera that also features 3D-sensing capabilities. This will also capable to determine the location and depth of an object. So it may include 16 MP Primary and 8 MP Front-Facing Camera. It is also reported that iPhone X that 3d laser system on the camera is used to aid augmented reality application.


Storage and Battery

Apple has increased the memory in the upcoming iPhone. We are not sure but according to rumors, iPhone X will start at 64 GB of storage with the options of 128 GB and 256 GB.

We have heard not much about the battery of iPhone X but it is expected that iPhone will likely cross the 3000 mAh threshold.

Wireless charging

Another, one of the coolest feature of new iPhone is wireless charging. But we are still unclear about that it will work with the third-party charger or not.

wireless charging


According to rumors, iPhone X comes with the inclusion of new and best AirPods. So these AirPods have the facility of Bluetooth and the price of these AirPods is about $159 in the United States while AU$229 in Australia and £159 in the United Kingdom.


Release Date and Price

There are a lot of rumors about the release date of iPhone X. But there is strong expectation that Apple will launch on 12th or 13th September and will be available on 22nd or 23rd September of the running year.

We have told you about all features of iPhone X. So guess what will be the price of iPhone X. According to its features and reports, new iPhone will be available with the high price from $999 to $1200.

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