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The Heaven of the Ice Will Make the Best Hairstyles


Look pretty with the Icy super hairstyle, these hairstyles just look something out of a Dr. Suess book. But it is interesting to hear that these hairstyles are not fake but real and remarkable. So every winter Takhini Hot Pools, a natural and beautiful hot spring resort in Yukon of Canada. It hosts one kind of contest that makes the hairs of guest stand up. Now, the competition has become an annual tradition of the country and so far called as the International Hair Freezing Contest.

The contest held in the late days of February during the local pioneer festival. The temperature of the air hovers around -30 C while the temperature of the water is around 36 to 42 C. The temperature allows the bathers to stay warm and nice in the water but their wet hair slowly freezes into crystalline shape. They need to dip their ears occasionally. The person wins the prize of $750 and a complimentary 30 Soak Membership who submits the winning photo. Despite, there are also cash prizes of second and third position. It is also interesting to know that no hairs harmed during the whole competition.

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