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Heartwarming Moment, Groom Stops Wedding Photo Shoot and Jumps into River to Save Child


Canada: wedding reception photo shoot took an unexpected dramatic turn when a groom dives into the river to save a little child from drowning. Brittany and Clayton from Canada were posing for a wedding photo shoot on a park bridge in Cambridge, Ontario when the lovely groom noticed a boy is drowning in the river. So with no care of his new expensive suit, Mr. Cook jumped into the river and pulled the child out of the river onto the shore.

The wedding photographer also captured the scene of the heartwarming rescue. All these images are gone viral on the social media and people are praising this step of the groom with an open heart. According to Mr. Cook that for several minutes these kids were following us and I was just keeping my eyes on them because they were standing very close to the water.


Then while Brittany was getting her solo shots taken I realized only two were standing on the rock ledge.

“I saw the boy in the water struggling to keep his head up. That’s when I jumped down.

“I just kind of plucked him out and he was okay.”

According to the bride, she was thinking that he had jumped into the river just as a joke. Despite, people around her also thinking the same reason.

Photographer Darren Hatt told that as soon as I could turn around Mr. Cook had already plunked him on the ground from the river. Therefore, he kept on capturing the story of the day. After that, the child appeared very fine and little shaken and went off with his older siblings. On the other hand, Mrs. Cook also said quick thinking and selfless action of her husband which was come for some reason, therefore she fell in love with him in the first place.