Escape Zoo Together, Lion the King of Animal Falls in Love with White Tigress


Life wasn’t often possible for this lion called Cameron and his tigress Zabu. These were bred for just one objective – that was only back 2000 at a zoo in New England to create ligers. Zabu, a Siberian-Bengal hybrid, had innate defects because of reproduction and Cameron was 200 pounds underweight. Luckily, from the zoo these were equally recovered in 2004.
“When Zabu were recovered, we constructed being that they are really glued a large organic enclosure for that two of these to share with you like a pair,” the California-centered Bigcat Rescue creates. Sadly, Cameron lost his glorious hair but that’s a little cost to cover to stay regarding his closest friend.
“Cameron’s disposition has mellowed substantially and he looks far more relaxed without coat around his neck’s extra 15 lbs within the hot California summers. He’s also become a whole lot more playful because he no more anxieties about exactly what is running around going on around his enclosure.” both enjoy each other’s corporation to this day, nuzzling, and taking naps.

This lion and his tigress were bred at a zoo to make ligers (a hybrid cross between a lion and a tiger)


The tigress had genetic flaws due to breeding and Cameron was 200 pounds underweight


Luckily, the odd couple was rescued from the zoo by Big Cat Rescue


“We constructed a large natural enclosure for the two of them to share since they are truly bonded as a couple”


Over the years Cameron became more and more possessive of Zabu and would not allow keepers near the enclosure to clean or feed


“We had only two choices; separate him from Zabu forever or neuter him


Cameron was neutered which resulted in the loss of his glorious mane but that’s a small price to pay to stay together with his best friend


“Cameron’s mood has mellowed dramatically and… he has even become much more playful”


The two enjoy each other’s company to this day running around, nuzzling, and taking peaceful naps


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