Dog Breeds That Shed the Most Hair


Owning a dog is one of the most amazing things in the world. Not only do you get to enjoy the companionship of a doggy buddy but you also get to analyze the unique habits and biological changes of a different creature. You will be amazed to see your dog shed hair. Some owners even feel irritated because due to shedding they have to clean after their dogs. Hair shedding is a natural process in dogs due to which the damaged hair is eliminated from the body and replaced by the healthy one. Excessive shedding of dog hair can be a source of allergy for the humans so it’s much better that you must not adopt from the dog breeds that shed the most hair, when you are searching for a pet.

Which dogs shed the most?

This question is commonly asked by many people thinking about dog adoptions. Below are mentioned the names of all those dogs that shed the most so you must not go for them if you have allergy issues or you are not able to clean after then on a regular basis.

  • Golden Retriever

A Golden Retrievers make the most amazing pets due to their loyal and caring nature but at the same time, they shed a lot. They tend to shed moderate amount of hair in the normal routine but the seasonal shedding is quite heavy.

dog breeds that shed the most hair

  • Bracco Italiano

These Italian dogs also tend to shed a lot. You might feel amazed to learn this because Bracco is more of a hunting dog and doesn’t carry that much amount of hair on its body but still it sheds hair on regular basis.

Bracco Italiano

  • French Spaniel

A beautiful breed of dogs’ originated from France, French spaniel also tend to shed a lot. French Spaniels are basically an amazing blend of a setter and a spaniel.

French Spaniel

  • Pont-Audemer Spaniel

Easy-to-train hunting dogs; Pont-Audemer Spaniel basically belongs to the region of Pont-Audemer in France. These dogs also tend to shed on regular basis and are quite adorable.

Pont-Audemer Spaniel

  • English Shepherd

Not only are the English shepherds known to be extremely talented dogs, but they also very loving creatures. Due to their highly intelligent nature, they are very easy-to-train. They also tend to shed on regular basis but still most of the people love to adopt them due to their amazing abilities. These dogs are also great participants in pet shows and dog competitions.

English Shepherd

  • Swedish Lapphund

Originated from northern regions of Sweden, Swedish Lapphund is most famous due to its herd-controlling abilities. This dog is also bred in some parts of Finland and Norway and is very famous due to its leadership qualities. The only thing different about Swedish Lapphund is that it’s not used to control cows or sheep but it’s used by its masters to control the herd of Reindeer.

Swedish Lapphund

  • Pug

Yup! These naughty but cute doggies are also included in the list of dogs that shed the most. These dogs are very famous among men or bachelors due to their manly habits but they tend to shed hair on regular basis.


Although all of the above mentioned dog breeds tend to possess some of the amazing qualities but while going for their adoption you must keep in mind about their excessive hair shedding issue.