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A California Mom ‘Desperately’ Tried to Re-enter at Mandalay Music Hall to Find Her Son


Parents are great blessings of God, as a mother from California, Debby Allen, was unthinkable as she was trying to claw her way back into the carnage. A 49-year old had been pulled out of the Route 91 Harvest massacre after a woman to her left got shot. As her Navy veteran son was still inside and she did not know that he was dead or not. According to her;

“I desperately wanted to go back in to find him. Nobody would let me go back in, they were pulling me away. I kept screaming, ‘My son! My son!’ But they said, ‘You can’t go back into the gunfire,'” Allen, who lives in Corona, Calif., told the Daily News.


She further described that;

“It was horrible. I couldn’t keep my feet underneath me. I kept collapsing. I just wanted to go back in so badly. But people were jumping over everything to get out.” She was there to celebrate the 29th birthday of her son, therefore, they went for a $500 dinner on Thursday. They were hanging out by the pool earlier Sunday before heading back to their rooms at the Mandalay Bay to take the pre-concert naps.

She said that she woke up later than expected and in this context, her son said that he would try to wake her but figured they would meet inside. So the son departed the hotel first with some firefighter friends. When she arrived at the concert, she sent a message to meet her, where are you baby?

Allen, the mother, took a picture of her and sent it, as far as she got a response, bullets started raining down. She thought that they are nothing but the firecrackers. But soon, she figured out it was gunfire. She said, there were so many rounds and it would not stop. Therefore, she laid on the top of the friend and started running after some time and a guy kept pulling her away.


After some time, she realized that she is leaving without her son, she tried to turn back but could not. She said, “I got too crazy. I couldn’t stay there. I could feel something was wrong. I had to get back,” Allen said.

After some hours, she heard from her daughter that one of the firefighters with Roybal had reported the worst; according to him,

“He said he rendered first aid but saw the life go out of my son. I wouldn’t believe it, but I got confirmation today. The coroner told me. It sounds like he got shot pretty quickly,” Allen said. “I feel like I’m living in a nightmare, I want to wake up so badly.”


She told about her son that, “We were best friends. I don’t know how I’m going to live my life without him. I don’t know what my life looks like now,” she said. Her son has also served in the Navy from 2015 to 2012 and also spent some time in Afghanistan. And she is proud to be her mom.