Bride Shaves Her Head At Her Wedding To Support Her Terminally Ill Groom


In an adoring tribute to her in critical condition prepare, a lady chose to shave her head at her own one of a kind wedding gathering in Liverpool.

Craig and Joan Lyons have known each other for more than thirty years, however obscure to Joan, Craig had dependably been infatuated with her. “I became hopelessly enamored with her when I set my eyes on her when we were 14,” Craig told the Daily Mail. year and a half prior he chose to advise her how he truly felt and the couple have quite recently got hitched. They had wanted to wed later in the year however they chose to present the date when Craig’s pancreatic disease got to be terminal. In a shocking demonstration of solidarity, Joan chose to remove her hair after she strolled down the walkway with her new spouse.

“It was clearly the first occasion when I had seen Joan without her hair and she looked wonderful, completely staggering,” he told the Daily Mail. “She is the lady I had always wanted.” Joan gave her hair to the Little Princess Trust, a philanthropy that makes wigs for kids who’ve lost their hair amid tumor treatment.

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