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Baby Born in the Flight of Jet Airways Gifted Free Air Tickets for Whole Life


An Indian airline simply gave a newborn kid a birthday present his oldsters can notice it laborious to prime.
Jet Airways aforementioned it’ll provide free flight tickets for keeps to a boy World Health Organization was born on one in all its flights between Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Asian nation.
The child’s mother — whose identity the airline did not reveal out of respect for her privacy — went into labor untimely on Sunday at associate degree altitude of 35,000 feet, Jet Airways aforementioned.
The flight, sure for the southern Indian town of Kochi, was entertained to Mumbai, wherever the mother and baby were taken to area neighborhood hospital and are currently “doing well,” per associate degree airline spokesperson.


Members of the flight crew helped deliver the baby aboard a trained paraprofessional World Health Organization was among the passengers.
“Jet Airways commends its crew for his or her response and promptness that saw them with success translate their coaching into life-saving action,” the spokesperson aforementioned.

The airline did not disclose the position of the boy born on its flight, however, he’ll have lots of travel choices in the Asian nation and on the far side. The carrier is one in all the countries biggest, flying to sixty-five domestic and international destinations.
Inflight births are rare however not unprecedented. They end in associate degree uncommon line within the person’s passport that claims “holder born on associate degree plane.”
But being born on board associate degree plane does not guarantee free traveling for keeps, despite a standard belief that it will.
Jet Airways joins regarding [*fr1] a dozen airlines to possess granted that privilege, as well as Thai Airways and Air Asia.
One baby got free tickets from Virgin Atlantic till the age of twenty-one, whereas Philippine carrier Cebu Pacific gave a newborn lady 1,000,000 frequent flier points last year.