Apple Might Add Wireless Charging Support On Their Next iPhone Smartphone


Aside from offering the best performance and latest technology. The only thing that Apple has gone over upon is wireless charging. Wireless charging have been in the industry standard for quite a while now.

Where a lot of Android smartphone manufactures have already embraced what it has to offer. But looks like Apple might finally be changing its decision over whether to include it on their next iPhone or not.

Wistron a new Apple smartphone manufacturer in India have come up with something interesting to say. Where the CEO of Wistron named Rovert Hwang told reporters that Apple will be adding two new things to their upcoming smartphone. Which would include “new features like waterproof and wireless charging’’. Currently Wistron is only responsible for making Apple iPhone SE smartphones. Which gives it all the more reason to invest its time and resources towards other things. Though waster resistance is something we have already seen on the current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. But to mention wireless charging sure is something new for a company like Apple.


Aside from that a lot of rumors are also pointing towards wireless charging support for the next generation of iPhone. Where we recently saw a tweet, showing the schematic diagram for the next iPhone. Where the back side of the iPhone was covered with a large wireless charging pad. Aside from that the pictures of the back panels of the upcoming iPhone were also leaked on the internet. Where the most interesting part about it was it being made of glass. Which is needed in order to support wireless charging.


Looks like this year a lot of reports and rumors are pointing towards support for wireless charging on the next iPhone. Apple might finally be ready to embrace this technology on their side. It’s true that Apple have been moving slowly, but in the end Apple does deliver for its fans.