Horror News

American Racing Statement on Asian People Following Horrible Bus Accident in New York City


Two passenger buses collided each other in Queens, New York City on 18th September’s morning. Three people killed while a person received serious injury as a result of this accident.

The incident was occurred in New York City when the driver of Dahlia Charter bus was barreling via intersection with speed of 96.5 kph. The driver was driving the bus with twice the legal speed limit. His high speed bus slammed into an MTA bus and knocking it into nearby restaurant and it caused small fire too.

It was a very horrible accident because witnesses were stunned by the violent accident. According to them, it was not only a bad but really bad accident. Three victims were identified from the scenes including 6-year old Henryk Wdowiak and 55-year old Gregory Liljefors. The driver of the dahlia bus died on the spot. According to initial investigation, the driver was previously employed at the MTA but fired due to drinking in the duty time.


After that, people gathered at the aftermath, watching as officials cleaned up the aflame wreckage. As onlookers chatted amongst themselves, Perry Stacks, a passerby, noticed that two men were saying racist comments against Asian people — things like ‘Chinese people can’t drive’.

The stacks recorded the jeers because they changed into a quarrel between two men and other onlookers.