An Airplane Passenger has Snapchat the Awful and Strangest Things You Have Ever Seen on Fights


Flying in the air by airplane is one of the most polarizing activities as some of the people find it more thrilling to take off into the beautiful large blue sky. While others see those cramped cabin seats as a sort of fever dream-induced nightmare. But it doesn’t matter where you fall on this spectrum, being stuck inside a flying hunk of metal certainly provides for some awesome and memorable experiences. We are so lucky that these experiences can be captured and shared for all of you to enjoy.

1. Forget About Snakes On A Plane! A Spider Decided To Hitch A Ride On This Particular Airplane, Giving Flyers Something Else Besides Turbulence To Worry About. Luckily, This Passenger Had Some Kind Of Empty Soup Can Capture It—hopefully It Had A Lid!


2. Any Frequent Flyer Has Had The Pleasure Of Sitting Next To A Rowdy Kid Who Can’t Sit Still. But What Do You Do When You’re Sitting Next To A Rowdy Adult? From The Looks Of It, Busting Out A Roll Of Masking Tape Can Be A Proper Solution For That.


3. The Purpose Of This Passenger’s Plastic Bag Shelter Wasn’t Quite Clear, But Maybe He Or She Was Onto Something: What Better Way Is There To Protect Yourself From The Germ Hotspot Known As Coach? Especially In A Crowded Middle Seat…


4. Views Of The Landscape From 35,000 Feet? Pff. Who Cares. Close-ups Of Clouds? Overrated. Dry Socks? Now That’s A Million Dollar Idea! So High In The Sky, Airplane Windows Are As Effective For Drying Socks As You Fly.


5. It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s… A Bird On A Plane! This Turkey Has Been Pardoned From Next Thanksgiving’s Dinner To Serve A Much Greater Purpose: A Little Anxiety Relief For One Airline Passenger.


6. Look At That Beautiful View Of… Some Feet. Yep, This Passenger Needed A Little Elevation For Her Feet And Decided The Armrest In Front Of Her Was The Perfect Place To Prop Up Her Howlin’ Dogs.


7. Is It A Wig? Is It Out-of-control Hair? Maybe These Locks Have Developed A Mind Of Their Own? Whatever The Case, Let’s Hope The Photographer Brought A Book To Read. It Doesn’t Look Like He Or She Was Able To Enjoy An In-flight Movie.


8. It’s A Beanie Pulled Down A Little Too Far Past The Ears, But Maybe This Passenger Should Take A Look In The Mirror After Getting Dressed In Order To Avoid Looking So… Phallic. Still, It Makes For An Interesting Photo Opportunity!


9. Some Airplanes Have A Chat Service So That Passengers Can Pass The Time Communicating With One Another. One Passenger Decided To Have A Little Fun And Made His Username “pilot.” Other Passengers Were Left Wondering, “Wait… Who’s Flying The Plane?”


10. This Flight Attendant’s Well-groomed Beard And Bleached Hair Reminded An Airline Passenger Of The Hunger Game’s Seneca Crane. Whether Or Not He Did Announce Any Hunger Games-style Fight To The Death Is Uncertain.


11. This Kid Decided To Bring A Toy To Keep Himself Busy On This Airplane, And He Wanted To Share It With The Passenger Behind Him. But Hey—at Least The Kid Didn’t Need To Be Restrained With Masking Tape.


12. Feet Are Back With Vengeance, And This Pair Wasn’t Treated To The Wonderful Canyon Views Like The Last Pair. Did This Passenger Avoid Getting His Arm Nudged By The Subtle Movement Of A Big Toe? We May Never Know.


13. First Airplane Rides Are Always A Mixed Bag Of Emotions. For Some, It’s A Terrifying, Unnatural Experience Where Every Bout Of Turbulence Feels Like A Drop Towards The Grave. For These Two Old Saudi Men, It Was A Thrilling Experience!


14. Say It Ain’t So? More Feet. And This Pair Accompanied The Photographer For The Five- Or Six-hour Flight Across The Country. Airlines Should Pass Out Feathers So Anyone Who Decides The Armrest Is A Good Foot Rest Can Get A Good Ticklin’.


15. On A Flight From Charlotte To Asheville In North Carolina, Dan The Duck Produced Soft Quacks That Allowed Passengers Of This Coach Cabin To Get The Whole “sitting By A Pond In The Sunshine” Experience—included Free With The Price Of Airfare.


16. This Airline Passenger Displays An Impressive Range Of Motion And Hip Flexibility That Begs The Question: What Could The Passenger In The Next Seat Over Possibly Be Watching That Has Him So Distracted?


17. With A Cute Button Nose And Wavy Brown Hair That Would Be The Envy Of Any High School Girl On Her Way To The Prom, This Airline Passenger Might Take The Award For Cutest Flyer Or Serve As A Model For The Next Successful Line Of Kids’ Stuffed Animals.


18. Being Frozen In Place On A TV Screen Isn’t Particularly Flattering For Anyone. Case In Point: This On-screen Woman Gives Passengers A Laugh As She’s Frozen With Her Eyes Rolling Back In The Middle Of A… Um, Jowl Massage?


19. This Panda Has His Bamboo Shoots And A Blanket For Those Chilly First-class Cabins, Making Him More Prepared For The Flight Than Most Of His Human Counterparts. But Does He Know Arm Rest Etiquette?