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A Wedding Cart Stallion Pulling a Carriage Collapsed with Heat Exhaustion in Italy


The special day of a bride and groom took a very tragic turn when the horse pulling their wedding carriage collapsed with heat exhaustion in Italy. As the happy and beautiful couple had arrived in a style on their wedding day in the back of a beautifully decorated cart pulled by a white stallion.


But all of a sudden, glamorous wedding took a very tragic turn when the beautiful stallion collapsed outside the church in a small Italian mountain town of Borgetto. A video of this incident has been shared on the social media in which horse is lying on the group while the groom attempts to help it up. On the other hand, a smartly dressed driver of the cart can be seen trying to move the horse.

Other traffic through the town was blocked off by the collapsed horse and the ornate carriage, decorated with beautiful feathers. It is believed that the stallion fell to the ground due to extra exhaustion after being exposed to the blazing sun. He is thought to have climbed a steep stretch of road pulling the groom and bride behind him.

The stallion was allegedly pulling an awesome weight of 400 kilograms when it collapsed in the middle of the town’s street. It is also heard that Italian Animal rights charities are filing a lawsuit in relation to the case. So in this concern, a Spoken person of Italian Nucleus Protection of Animal said that they have already written to local authorities and ask them to confirm the present situation of a horse.