8 Strange and Wonderful Things Which are not Even Explained by Scientists


With the early days of the world, man has tried to explore more things exist on the surface of the earth. And he is much more succeeded to explain more of these things according to science. But, despite, there are some things that are hard to believe. So here we have 12 amazing facts that are created by people or nature.

8. Bimini Road

In the early days of the 1930s, American psychic Edgar Cayce has claimed that the ruins of the lost city of Atlantis would be found in Bimini in 1968 or 1969. In this context, 700 meters of neatly placed limestone blocks were found in the sea near the Paradise Point on the north side of Bimini in September 1968. According to some people, these are ruins or remains of the famous civilization.

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7. Dancing Plague

As in July 1518, Strasburg. Mrs. Troffea began to dance and didn’t stop dancing. It is interesting to know that 34 more people danced along her after a week. Hundreds of people joined her after a month. All these people danced without stopping and more than 400 people died of heart attack, exhaustion, and strokes. This phenomenon has no satisfactory scientific explanation because none of the theories have ever explained this unbelievable stamina.


6. Andrew Carlssin

In 2003, the FBI arrested a man accused of a stock exchange scam. Having only $800, he earned $350 million through 126 risky deals. After being arrested, Andrew said that he received the information from the future. According to his words, he came from the year 2256 in a time machine. Someone later paid a bond of $1 million for him, and Andrew Carlssin disappeared. A little boy named Andrés Ruzo often heard from his grandfather the legend of the river that literally “boiled” its enemies in its water. He dreamed of discovering this river.

Growing older, he became a geologist, took a local shaman as a guide, and discovered the river in 2011. The temperature of the water was around 86°C (186°F). The miracle of its existence is that the river is 700 km from the closest volcano. Terraced formations were found near the island of Yonaguni (Japan) by divers in 1986. The submarine formations are in large clusters up to 5 floors high. Artifacts were found that prove the existence of people in those places.


5. The Picture From The Bralorne Museum

The following picture shows the inauguration of Gold Bridge in Canada in 1941. Among all the people in the crowd, there is a person who is dressed not according to fashion in the 1940s. You can see a zipped hoodie, a T-shirt of the 21st-century logo and portable camera in his hands. According to some people, he is a time traveler caught on film.


4. Amazon Rainforest Geoglyphs

Studying the open landscape of the Amazon rainforests, scientists noticed numerous drawings carved in the ground, geoglyphs. Specialists have discovered 450 geoglyphs in northern parts of Brazil and Bolivia. The most ancient geoglyphs are 3,000-3,500 years old. The major theory claims that these constructions were meant for common meetings, discussions, and holding rituals.

The bright lights that accompany earthquakes are considered one of the most mysterious phenomena. Since 1600, there have been 65 proven cases of shining in the sky during seismic activity. However, the probability of seeing the lights is low, and you can only see the lights in 0.5% of all earthquakes. Most of the theories have been created in order to explain this fact but none of these passed to explain this.

As on 20th December, Jean Hilliard was driving to her parents through a snowy Lengby Minnesota. Her car stalled suddenly and after she decided to walk to the home of her friend. Soon after that, she lost her consciousness because of overcooling and she had spent more than 6 hours lying in the snow as the temperature was -22 C.

She showed no signs of life when she was taken to the hospital because her skin was so hard and even it was impossible to give an injection to her. The doctors were pretty sure about the death of Jean but after some time she started moving. As after 3 days, she started moving her legs and she was completely fit within the era of 6 weeks.


3. The Ghost Ship Carroll A. Deering

According to reports, Carroll A. Deering was an American commercial schooner which became a famous ship of a ghost. The ship was found aground in 1921 with no crew onboard. The galley was also full of food, the logbook was absent together with some personal belongings, the navigation devices, and the anchor. Despite, the steering control was also broken. The investigation regarding this ship was stopped without any conclusion at the end of 1922.


2. The Rain Man

The grandfather of Don Decker’s died in 1983 in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. After some time of the funeral, the young man decided to feel feverish and fell into a trance. Soon, the water started dripping down the walls and ceilings of the living room. As it is shocking to hear that there were no water pipes in this part of the house and every single man was completely puzzled.

In this context, the friend of Don called the police, the police officer asked him to carry the young out of this house and take him to the nearby restaurant. As the same phenomenon also happened in the restaurant too. But the rain stopped, as soon as the men left the building. The incident was also shown in the Unsolved Mysteries on 10th February 1993.


1. The Submarine Ocean

According to this, scientists have discovered a major reservoir with 660 km deeper than the surface of Earth. The reservoir is 2.7 billion years old and its volume is even more than that of the volume of the World Ocean. So the new theory has appeared with this discovery as Earth’s Ocean possibly appeared because of the underground ocean burst outside, not vice versa as according to previous thoughts.