Must Watch: Shaming Video of Woman’s Passenger During a Flight With Naked Feet On Her Armrest


Many of you have been on the airplanes before, and you know that if you are flying with economical class – there isn’t a lot of space.

What would you do if someone was invading your little private space in the airplane?

That’s exactly what happened to the Jasmine Mays who has been on a flight when the woman who was sitting behind her put her feet up next to her.

Jasmine was pretty shocked and she decided to record it with her phone. It went viral after she posted in on her Facebook profile. It has been watched 18 million times and shared tens of thousand times which made Jasmine’s video pretty much viral on social media.

Some of the viewers weren’t happy with the situation and one of them said

“I think my elbow would “accidentally” smash out on those toes. She’d likely remove them quickly…””

Maybe even tickling wouldn’t be a bad solution, what you think?

While on the other hand many of the viewers were hoping that Jasmine did get it sorted out because almost everyone normal wouldn’t put their naked feet up someone’s armrest.

It’s very disrespectful but it’s not the first time such problems occurred as there were much more disrespectful situations caught on camera.

Also, it’s unknown where from was Jasmina flying and for how long did she had to deal with the naked feet on her armrest. One thing for sure, she wasn’t enjoying it by the face she was making on the video.

What would you do in the same situation?

I mean, it would be awkward for me to even do something about it when the other person is not ashamed of herself, but what has to be done, it simply has to be done.

There’s just no reason for someone to be this disrespectful, but hey – almost everytime I fly, I find at least one person rude to be rude.