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2-Year-Old ‘Witch Child’ Who Was Left To Die Makes Stunning Recovery


You may recall Hope from a story we secured around a month back. The two-year-old Nigerian kid was deserted by his family, who suspected that he was a witch, and meandered the roads alone for eight months. On January 31st, Hope was safeguarded by Danish guide specialist Anja Ringgren Loven, who started to treat his condition.

Only eight weeks after the fact, Hope has experienced a marvelous recuperation.

“As should be obvious on the photos, Hope is truly making the most of his life now having 35 new siblings and sisters who ALL take such great consideration of him, play with him, study with him, and ensure he is protected and is getting a ton of adoration.”

Lamentably, Hope has been determined to have hypospadias, “genital birth deformity meaning the urethra rises some place on the pole or even the base of the penis, rather than at the tip.” If you might want to help him, and other surrendered youngsters in Nigeria, you can make a gift through the connection beneath.nigerian-witch-boy-starving-thirsty-recovery-anja-ringgren-loven-38
















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