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10 Funniest Doctors Who Proves that Laughter is the Best Medicine in the World


As being a doctor is clearly one of the stiffest and most stressful jobs on the planet. You have to take care of someone else’s life, for crying out loud! However, that doesn’t mean all doctors have to be serious all the time. Virals Today collected a list of random doctor acts of humor, to prove that even doctors like to have fun once in a while. From funny signs placed in their offices to docs just goofing around, these awesome doctors clearly know the best medicine is laughter.

1 Hospital T-rex Has A Reminder For You


2 My Friends Work Requires A Doctors Note If You Call In Sick


3 My Cousin’s Costume. He’s A Dentist… And Yes, He’s At Work


4 Friend’s Daughter Is Afraid Of Monsters In Her Closet. The Doctor Had The Pharmacy Fill This For Her


5 Always Choose The Doctor With A Sense Of Humor


6 This Was In My Dentist’s Waiting Room


7 Found This At The Doctors Office


8 Found This In My Doctor’s Office. Seemed Accurate


9 I Noticed A New Sign At My Doctors Office


10 My Uncle Sent Me This Picture Of His Prosthesis Doctor